September of Possibilities

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind.  Upon coming back to the city from a much needed vacation, I booked Blue Bloods, shot an impromptu short with director, Bill Kirstein, booked another short that shoots in a week and a half, and have had a number of great auditions for lead and recurring roles!  I am pumped!  Sometimes getting out of town is the key to success!  Oh, and also…So is reading Julia Child's, My Life in France.  She is such an inspiration.  

Me…a dancer?

I had a call back for a commercial today…where I had to learn a dance routine and perform with 3 other music.  It was kind of hilarious! Definitely a first.  I was incredibly nervous but in the end,  I pulled it off.  Oh, and I did the robot as my dance solo.  Ha!